Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Snow and The Utah Highway Patrol.

Jeffers was on his way to drill and 7:30 in the morning.
I begged him to take my car so I could take his (since his has the car seat and is the "safe" car to have Ember in.) He agreed to take mine and I did tell him he would need to put gas in it. I had been running on the gas light for a few days...
10 minutes later.
Jeffers calls me. He is on the side of the freeway out of gas. I wake Ember up, get our coats on, grab the empty milk carton, and go to the gas station. We fill it with 1 gallon of gas and he is on his way to Spanish Fork.
First big snow storm of the year.
I get up and ready to go a half of an hour early so I wouldn't be late for work.
I go out to my car, clean all of the snoww off and get ready to go. I notice the gas light was on but for some CRAZY reason I thought, 'oh hey, we put some gas in yesterday'
I get on the freeway and my car starts to die...
I am out of gas..
this car has ran out of gas TWO days in a row!!!
And the funny part is, it is almost in the SAME spot Jeffers died in the day before.
I call Jeffers and he gets up, gets Ember up, puts their coats on, gets in the car and comes and picks me up.
We leave my car behind on.
I am a half of an hour late for work.
Jeffers and Ember come and pick my up at 1 pm from work. We go home and I change into some jeans while Jeffers goes and gets gas in the gas can. We go back to my car. Jeffers gets out and starts filling it with gas.
THEN, a Utah Highway Patrol truck pulls up behind our cars. (My only two experiences with a highway patrol man were not the greatest.
1. Getting pulled over going oh like 96 mph on the freeway in no where land.
2. Coming home from SLC and a highway patrol man driving in front of us turned on his lights and starting swearving through all lanes of traffic to slow the traffic down, there was a car on the side of the road in front of us... weird.)
the Utah Highway Patrol man just sits in his car.
Jeffers finishes up filling the tank, he starts it for me and make sure it isn't stuck. I go and get in and Jeffers and I wait for a break in the traffic. We start to pull out and the highway patrol man pulls out with us with the lights still on. For a minute I thought he wanted me to pull back over...
But as soon as I was up to speed with the rest of the traffic he turned them off and went on with his business.
It was so nice of him.
I want to thank the nice Utah Highway Patrol man that made sure we stayed safe and out of harms way.
Thank you.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Halloween 2009

Nilsson Halloween 2009
My favorite picture from this Halloween: This is Emberlyn and her uncle Dalton.
He was a 4 wheeler rider!
Ember was a monkey!
Emberlyn LOVED trick or treating! She was so good at it!
I made her Halloween costume and it cost me a grand total of about $2.00
We had the brown outfit and I found brown scrap material at the fabric store for .66 cents. I had to buy some new sewing needles and that is all I had to buy! It was awesome!
Everything has been going okay lately. I am working and Jeffers is starting school in Janurary.
We are going to my brother and sister- in- law's house for Thanksgiving! I can't wait! All of my sister- in- laws and mother in law cook like PROS!!! It is always a treat to eat waht they make.
I will update on the amazing food.
I'm out.

Monday, November 9, 2009

I met someone with my name.
I know every other girl in Utah is named Britny and spells it some way or another.
I took a call at work and her name was Britny, Britny as in the EXACT SAME spelling as my name!!!!
I was in ah and so was the other Britny.
I have never met anyone with my name before and neither had she. It was the first time in our lives!!!
It was awesome.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Frustrated... I guess.

I'm UPSET-sort of!
I want to say mad but its a lil mix of a little bit mad, frustrated, tired, nervous, PMS (agh), and annoyed.
On a good note I LOVE being back at my job. I like working at Provo City! I actually REALLY like my hours 8-1 to be exact!
BUT I do wish we could add 3 more hours on to each work day! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go full time! Especially since Jeffers doesn't have a job.
Today I was bumming around on the computer and came across a telephone job that is evenings for just a few hours. I e-mailed the guy about it and a couple hours later I received an e mail back. He asked for me to send him my resume....
so I cheated off of Jeffers and put my own together in about 2o minutes! It only included 2 job historys and some skills I have learned from my jobs. and so I sent it away to the man that e mailed me.
Ten minutes later, I got an e mail back and we set up an interview for tomorrow at 130!!!!!!!!!!
I would love to get this job. I believe the listing said it would be for about 12 hours a week for 8 or 9 dollars an hour. I know it doesn't sound like a lot BUT it would be a good supplement to my current job.
Lets keep our fingers crossed!
If I were to get this job our family would be able to make it! I sure hope I get it!!!!
Okay I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO annoyed at the lady at the WorkForce Service building. I needed to drop some papers off and on the papers it said please have them at your local office by a certain date.
So I go in and ask her what to do with them, she sais I could fax them,
I then asked her for the fax number and she pointed across the room and said, "it is above the fax machine over there and you can use the fax machine.
K, let me get something clear real quick, I am TERRIFIED of the Swine Flu and germs and going into that building alone puts me into anxiety overdrive! There are all sorts of people using the fax machine and the computers surrounding it. I think of coughs, sneezes, GERMS!!!!!! AGH!!!! I told her I would not use their fax machine.
So she said I could drop the papers in the box.
No envelope, just fold the 2 papers together and throw em in.
Again I freaked, how would they not get lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She assured me they wouldn't.
SO using my knuckle I copied my papers and threm em in the box...
The lady couldn't have been more unhelpful. I have to say I am SO glad I actually try to help my customers at work and keep my lovely desk nice and Lysol clean:)
Okay this post just keeps going!
So I REALLY want to go full time at my job, did I tell you?! ;)
Last night I made an AWESOME dinner!
It was a hamburger casserole!
It had potatoes, Green Pepper, onion, carrots, corn, and of course hamburger. With some cheddar cheese on top! It was excellent! I want to make if for dinner again soon!
My beautiful daughter, Emberlyn is doing awesome! She went to the park with her daddy and fed ducks and went down the BIG slide! She loves going do the BIG slides all by herself! She is starting to talk more and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! She is such a wonderful gift! :)
Well I can't think of anything else to write, but I probably will later!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


My cousin, Amanda, sent me this blog.
I don't know the whole story but her husband and herself got in a plane accident a little over a year ago. I remember seeing it on the news.

She has had this blog that is very well known, before her plane crash.

I have been reading it and I am SO AMAZED and MOSTLY MOVED by this beautiful woman and her family.

should read this blog.
We are all soo blessed to have our beautiful families and our loving spouses. The love for one another and making everyday a wonderful blessing.
Every new day is truely a blessing from God. I love my family more than anything.
My beautiful daughter, Emberlyn , is the GREASTEST most wonderful beautiful gift from God. Seeing her smile everyday, playing with her everyday, I can say I am constantly amazed by her.
This blog is to just blog about how
for my life. I thought things have been hard
with Jeffers not having a job, not knowing how we will pay our bills, pay rent, buy food.
But I have been blessed, I have a good life. I got my wonderful job back just when we needed it most. That is one blessing that has def. been sticking out to me.
My family is safe and healthy.
I know we will make it. I know we will find a way.
After reading through some of Stephanie's posts on her blog I know if her wonderful family can do it, I know mine can make it through our
obsticles we have right now.
Well I better get back to work!
I wanna say I love all of my family and friends SSSOOOOOOOOOOOO much! I want to thank you for all of your love and support!
P.S. CHECK OUT HER BLOG!!!! Its: nieniedialoques.blogspot.com

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yeah, its been a while!

It has been like 3 months since I have possted anything... Yes, 3 months!!!!

In the last 3 months Emberlyn has turned 1, Quinn graduated!, we've gone camping a couple of times, been to some awesome concerts, gone hiking, Ember's first time hiking too!, Jeffers and I got married, our new nephew, Emmerson was born on my Mom's birthday, August 15th and TONS TONS more stuff has happened. I'm sooo bad at this blogging thing!

The wedding went BEAUTIFUL!!!! THank you soo much to all of our wonderful family that helped out.
A special thanks to my two beautiful aunts, Debbie and Katy!
Debbie was basically my wedding planner/ designer and made this wedding the best I have ever seen! Deb Deb, thank you soooooo much for all of your time and effort it was absoulty BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Katy, you and Matt were the BEST photographers EVER! I am so in love with all of my wedding pictures!!! Thank you sooo much for all of your time and thank you for driving all the way down here and editing over 300 pictures! You guys are too sweet!!

Also, a special thank you goes out to Susie, and all of her sisters, if it wasn't for you guys I am positive that I would not have had a beautiful wedding cake, and gorgeous flowers!!!! Thank you sooooo much! It was beautiful!!!!

Lets see, Emberlyn, she is almost 14 months now and is doing AWESOME, she runs everywhere and can say Momma and Dadda really well. She can nod her head yes and no and can sometimes say yes. She also can KIND OF say my little brother's name, Dalton. She LOVES playing with Dalton, he will be 5 this month but plays with her soo awesome! Emberlyn always loves to give him hugs if she hasn't seen him in a while. She waves and is a professional at blowing kisses, SOOO CUTE! Shw has about 8 teeth and she knows where her nose, head, hair, eyes, tounge, feet, toes and fingers are! She LOVES Baby Einsteins, and Barney.

I really can't believe how blessed I am to have such an amazing angel for a daughter! She brings the biggest smile to my face EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Jeffers, he is still going strong at The Training Table. He is going to start a work out 3 times a week and wants me to do it in the morning with him.... I am NOT a morning person one bit.. He wants to wake up at 6.

6?! To some people that is not early but to me, those 2 extra hours of sleep are heaven.

So I guess I will TRY it and if I whine and cry I'm not sure how long I will last. He is being an awesome husband and and AMAZING father!

My bestest friend and cousin,Amanda, found out last Friday, well two Fridays ago that there was a tumor in her appendix they took out 2 weeks before, she had appendisitis and then they find that! So this last Wednesday they did surgery and took out some intestine. The Dr. said everything looked okay! They still have to biosipy (however you spell it) the intestine they removed to be sure BUT everything looks okay. She is hurting pretty bad and won't be back to work for a few weeks. I am sooo happy everything went okay! I love her soo much she is one of my best friends and she is family which makes it even better:) She has always been there for me and for Jeffers and Emberlyn. I am so glad she is okay! I don't know what in the world I would ever do without her! Love you Amanda!!!

For some reason it is not letting me upload any pictures SO try this!




Friday, May 8, 2009


Is the smartest little girl I know!
She is 10 months old and walking! She says hi dada!
She is amazing, always happy, she knows when i'm sad and gives me a look like, hey momma whats going on? It is the cutest thing in the whole world!
She loves to wat real food, especially fruit and noodles
She also loves donuts and brownies! lol!
She have hewr own little talk and has been getting more into her stuffed animals she loves to hug them! She has the biggest smile I have ever seen!
I love my daughter soo much and am sooo blessed to have her!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wedding Planning Part 3 and TONS of other stuff..

Okay, we've got dress, place, catering, and thats about it.

AGH! We have gone looking for bridesmaid dress shopping and they don't make regular dresses in the color- pale pink- I want. Its like you have to go to a bridal store to get the dresses in the right color and that EXPENSIVE! We went searching and no luck. My maid of honor is gonna be 5 months prego at my wedding so we have to find her an extra forgiving dress. Sooooo that's where we are stuck now. I'm getting so stressed out about it..This is hard! It just sucks not having the funds avaliable when you need them. But the search is still on for bridemaids dresses. If we can find them in white we will dye them the color we want them!
The second sad thing, Quinn is in jail and I'm way sad about it. For one he doesn't deserve to be there AT ALL! For two if he is in there as long as he is suppose to be he won't be out for the wedding :( I feel as if he is my own little brother and I feel like a HUGE part will be missing at the wedding if he isn't there. I love Quinn and want him there when this VERY important piece of my life happens. I hope he is doing okay!
I'm having a stressful day if you can't tell lol!

Other things going on,
Jeffers got home from his backpacking trip last night and I'm soo glad he had fun :) Emberlyn and I missed him a lot! Sad thing, its Saturday and he had to go to work early at like 230 so that totally sucks! BUt thats okay

Emberlyn had her 9 month check up and here are her stats:

Okay, well I can't find the papers but I do remember some!

Weight: 19 lbs 2 oz!

Height: I THINK 28 in
I remember the is in the 70th percentile for her height and I think that is awesome!
She is soooo close to walking and she will say hi dad and she always walks along the furniture babbling and she is so fun to play with all the time!
Oh! and she got 2 pets! Well, 2 guppies- fishies! she loves to point at them and babble!
She loves to go feed the ducks with me at the park by our house!

Some of our friends, Whitney and Chris had their baby on Thursday! A little baby girl, Kandence. She sure is a cutie!

Jared is still in the hospital. They say he is moving his lips and eye lids and what not but he needs to wake up to see if his brain has healed and to determine how bad the damage is. We are praying for him! He can do it! He is a stong man!

Well that is all the blogging I am going to do for now! Thanks for listening!
Love you all! :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pray For Jared

Last night one of mine and Jeffers' friends, Jared, was being pulled on a skateboard by a 4 wheeler. He fell and hit his head, he was flown to U of U Hospital and is on full life support. They had to do surgery last night to drain the blood and I have heard they had to take 2 pieces of his brain out. His Mom has said that if he wakes up he may not be in the condition to want to live.

Jared isn't going to be the same if he makes it. He has the cutest 2 boys and they need their daddy. I feel its not Jared's time to go. He is so full of life and he has so much to live for. Jared is so fun! This is def. up to the Lord and I know he will do the righgt thing.

Please keep him in your prayers. He is in ours.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wedding Part 3

My wonderful grandma has found our wedding location!!!!
It is a beautiful house in Provo with beautiful lawns and the most AMAZING view!
I am sooo happy!
So, Dress, location are now taken care of! My two biggest worries have been taken care of.
NOW, a caterer- I found the COOLEST caterer at the wedding expo at Thanksgiving Point. CREPES! with fresh fruit and chocolate syrup YUMMY! Oh and a frozen drinks to help with the heat! I LOVE IT!!! Their website is www.utahcelebrations.com I want to call them tomorrow and set up a time to go in and talk to them with my Mom. This would be such an awesome caterer to have!
I feel as if things are coming together for the big day.. I'm so thankful for the people who are helping me so much! My grandma is AWESOME!
Anyway I am so excited, I just want June to be here so I can make my centerpieces and make and send out my invites! This is too fun but SOOOOOOO STRESSFUL!

Til next time!


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wedding Part 2

Took long enough to find it and it fits perfect! I am so happy I don't have to worry about it now! Now I need to find a place to get married... The next stressful thing! Agh! I'm thinking ceremony one place reception in another... but that might be too much work changing locations, setting up chairs, taking down chairs, etc! Soooo possibilties, Neilsens Grove, georgious, can do whatever we want, but its a park with houses surrounding it, not too cute for pictures, and unvited people could come to the park.. yuck. or we do COnrad Homestead- love it but that limits the things I would want to make becausse they provide THEIRS. so ya. I dunno. I GOTTA figure this out asap. But the only people that understand that is my maid of honor, Brandi and my grandma. I'm getting frustrated because my intermediate family thinks we can plan it later on but by the time they wanna plan it we will NOT have a PLACE to have it. Summer weddings are popular so I need to act fast! Anyway, luckly almost all of my bridesmaids said they will but their dresses, bless their hearts! Jeffers best man will rent his tux bless his heart as well! I'm sooo hoping I can have dancing at my wedding, I want it to be a fun filled night! Not boring for me and Jeffers, I want it to be a night to remember! FOREVER!!!

I hope I can pull this off on a VERY tight budget!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wedding Part 1

Okay I have successfully decided to start planning this wedding! When we were in St. George Jeffers mom asked if we had set a date and we decided on July 25th, 2009. I like the sound of that, it has no special meaning but I like it!

Anyway, so I'm trying to find a place.
Shoot me now.
Every place I want is WAY too expensive! So then I start thinking oh I will make it small and not a huge deal, but everytime I picture my wedding it is elegant, in the woods, in a strapless ivory dress, almost antique style, pale pink, off white, and ivory, wavy hair maybe half up and half down, longer than it is now and blonde, blonde, blonde.
Now I gotta make this happen on a budget AND plan every detail I never pictured in my wedding fantasy.
I plan on getting married only ONCE. Divorce is great for some people but its not happening for me. I've always wanted to marry the person i KNOW FOR A FACT I will be with forever. No wonder we take things slow, especially for Utah.
I know Jeffers is the one for me. For some weird reason I've kinda known since the day I met him. Not like the day we met I knew he was the one, but he was different- more different than anyone I had ever met or dated. Treated me different, in a VERY good way. HE is my opposite in the best way possible. Yeah we have def had our times but I think he is the one I am suppose to be with. FOREVER.
Okay back to the wedding.

I NEED to find a place ASAP!!! My grandma, sister, Lexie, Emberlyn, and I all went looking at some of ehr friends backyards today. I think they are too small. Maybe, maybe not. But I gotta figure this out soon! I don't want in the valley, our wedding WILL be outdoors and its gotta be close to a mountain.

My best friend whom I am going to ask to be my Maid of Honor, or what is it? Matron of Honor if they are married.
Brandi, she will be that if she accepts. This girl is awesome. I texted her and told her I wanted to go look at dresses while she was at work. The woman called me after work and said, are we still going. i was like heck yes.
So I thought we were going to just go LOOK at some dresses.
I called her to find a meeting place and the woman had called Davids bridal and MADE us an appointment!!!
I was speechless!
This awesome girl went out of her way to make me an appointment- just for me- to look at MY selection of wedding dresses!

It almost puts me in tears because of how awesome this girl is!

SO, the girl at Davids Bridal SUCKED! She had like 1 to 2 appointments ALONG with ours. Brandi was helping me in and out of the dresses. We had tried on like 4 before she even came and talked to us. I'm disappointed with their service. They should have been paying Brandi for that 2 hrs we were in there. She DID EVERYTHING!
I have a feeling its gonna be a while before I find THE DRESS. They were pretty but wasn't digginf any of them a lot. I REALLY like the color Ivory I want my dress in that color FOR SURE!
Well Brandi and I and hopefully my little sister, Lexie, will be able to go dress shopping in SLC on a SAturday.

As for a location. HELP!

I gotta find it asap or July 25th isn't gonna happen!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Emberlyn's 6 Month Check Up!

Today was Emberlyn's 6 month check up and it went really good!
She is growing really well!
Here are her measurments for 6 months and 20days:

Head Circumference: 17.1
%tile: 68.24

Weight: 16 lbs. 15 oz.
%tile: 52.95

Length: 26.5 in
%tile: 63.58

She is growing perfect! She is scooting and getting up on her knees are swaying back and forth! Iasked the Dr. how long he thought til she starts crawling and he thinks 4 to 6 weeks!!! That seems sooo close! I can't believe how big she has gotten!!! It seems like she was a tiny, small new born yesterday!

Well she had to get her set of shot.... :( I HATE HATE HATE that part I get sooo nervous!!! She did awesome as always! Only cried for about one minute I'd say! Luckly I had Jeffers there to help me out! He is such an awesome grand wonderful daddy!

I love my beautiful family more than anything! Jeffers and Emberlyn are the BEST blessings in my life!

Well the movie has started (Redbox of course!) I'm out!

Love, Britny

Monday, January 19, 2009






Sunday, January 18, 2009

Big Girl!

She loves getting into my makeup bag!!
and looking at herself in the mirror!
Emberlyn and I

I love her smile

Last but not least, our new favorite picture
of Emberlyn, her silly face she has been making
lately- too cute!!! and she was wearing my necklace!
I love my beautiful daughter! She is the greatest thing i could have ever asked for! I am so blessed to have her in my life!
She is getting so big!!! 28 weeks already! She likes to say dadadadadadada, mamamamamamamamama, and babababa. She scoots around ( its just like an army crawl) to get to her toys and anything she wants to get into. She has been getting up on her hands and knees and swaying. Hopefully she will be crawling soon!