Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Weekend

For memorial weekend we headed down to ephraim for Scandinavian Days on Saturday. We met up with Susie, Garrett and his family, and Kate and her family, Aaron came down and surprised his family too. On Saturday it wasn't the best weather, it was very windy but we still walked around for a little bit. We went and had the famous Turkey dinner with Susie and Garrett and Ruth. Ember and Addy got their face painted they each got little butterflies. We went and watched the dancers dance. That is where we met up with Katie and her family. Ember loves hanging out with their cousins!! It is so cute! We stayed the night and so Saturday night Jeffers and I went on a double date with Kate and Budd. We went and saw the Avengers. I have never really been into Marvel comics or anything like that ( I mean come on, I am a girl) but this movie was AWESOME!!!!!!! I loved it!!!!!!! We saw it at the movie theatre that Jeffers broke his arm in when he was a little kid, I got a pic of him next to the stair case he fell off of. I would post the pic but it's on his phone. On Sunday ember went to church with her cousins, I went and visited my friend that just came home from the hospital. She just had identical twin boys!!! They are perfect! I held Odin while I was there he was so little and cute! We drove home Sunday and hung out. On Monday, Carissa came over with my adorable niece, Kambree and we hung out. We had a BBQ at my grandmas. It was yummy! E hung out with Dalt and it must have worn her out cause she has been asleep since 6 pm this evening!
The kids and I came home to my handsome man grilling some yummy chicken! It was a good weekend! I have the most amazing family! I loved hanging out with Kate and Garrett's families and being with my amazing mother in law! They are truly awesome people! Oh! And on saturday night we got to talk to Quinn bob on the phone!! Man, miss that kid! Well I gotta get to bed so I will leave you with pics from the weekend!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Ace is mobile!

Alright I straight up suck at updating my blog but I have got to write stuff down before I forget.
The weekend of May 15th 2012 ace started full on crawling! My boy is getting so big!!! He also has his two bottom teeth and they are adorable! Man I love that kid!!!!
On May 17th 2012 E graduated from preschool. Cutest thing ever. They sang songs and she received a cute diploma. My baby girl is growing up so fast!
We went camping. It was Ace's first camping trip. It got down to freezing temps. We survived. I think we actually might be crazy enough to do it again.