Friday, January 28, 2011

Ember is a hair dresser.
She did my hair and then Jeffers hair.
She got the chair, coffee table, and "cape" all by herself.
Oh and her fingers are her scissors and then she would brush our hair then she would get
paintbrushes and "paint" our hair. She is too cute!
I love her!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So I know I love when people update their blogs with pictures so that is what I've done!
Picture above is of Embers at WalMart driving the Barbie Jeep in the store
Picture below is of her in the horse in the entrance of WalMart she loved it, it was funny!
Picture below is on Christmas morning, Ember is in one of her princess dress ups, Jeffers in the background playing his new X Box.

Picture below is of Ember's haul from Santa, I'd say she did pretty good!

We had a good Christmas and New Year! Ember is getting so big it blows me away! She can talk so well and loves to play with her friends, cousins, and her "unk" (my little bro, Dalton) of course. She is such a loving little girl too. She will give me lots of kisses and hugs. Sh eloves to play "monsters" with her daddy. Lately she has been telling me she wants to go sailing. Not sure where she heard that but it makes me want to buy a sailing boat. She is such a smart girl! I love her sooo much!
Here is a funny story, when we went grocery shopping we bought some oranges. I keep them on the counter. Well they were on the counter for about 1 day and then they disappeared. I thought Jeffers had stuck them in the fridge like in the crisper. Then on Saturday Jeffers asked me where they were. I told him I had no idea and i thought he had put them in the fridge. So he asked Ember, she said they were under my bed... ??? I asked her to show me. She took me to the front of my bed and and lifted the bed skirt up and there they were. 4 oranges just chillin.
still not sure why she put them there, but I couldn't be mad because it was just tooo funny!