Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Alright so summer has been a good busy one! E's birthday was over the top complete with an inflatable pool, bounce house, painting, and a Barbie jeep! E had tons of fun at the first annual cousin camp and 4 th of July was so much fun! Jeffers parents treated us to The Stadium of Fire! The Beach Boys were AMAZiNG!! It was a fun night! J's bday and our 3 yr Anniversary was low key. Ace stArting walking 1 to 2 months before his 1 st birthday! It was a very joyous moment! Ace turned 1 on August 11 th. we had a nice little family party and he had a great time, it was cute! Jeffers was promoted to Team Leader at his work! I am very proud of him and his hard work to get there! Over all I am very proud of him, he has done so well at just working and bettering himself. He is a great husband and amazing father! Another amazing thing he did this year was quit smoking yay! I can't even imagine how hard that would be but he did it!! :)
Oh! Just this last Tuesday, sept 11 th E made her first two soccer goals!!!! The look on her face when she made them were priceless! She was so proud of herself! The first one she made she was SO happy and ran to her coach, Rachel, and hugged her. It was adorable! Rachel and all the other parents were so excited for E. It is pretty awesome having all these awesome peeps around us!
Now time for pic overload!