Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We put an offer in on the Springville home last night.

Keep your fingers crossed!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Home 1 above! Home 2 Below!

Alright I haven't posted in FOREVER!
Quick update. Emberlyn is getting sooo big and soo smart! She is the greatest daughter in the whole world!!!
Jeffers is working hard going to school. I'm so proud of my love.
As for me I am just workin trying to stay sane ;)
Our newest adventure has been trying to buy our first home!!! :) :) :) :)
We had put an offer in on my favorite home and comes to find out it sold the day before we put our offer in.. :( But thats okay something better for our family awaits! There are 2 we really like. The pics above.
Home 1, Is located in Springville. Big back yard with mature huge trees and a dog kennel. 3 bedrooms 1 bath. 2 bedrooms upstairs and 3rd in the basement. Laundry in basement. It needs some work but for some reason I am very drawn to this home. I can't qutie figure it out.
Home 2, Is located in Provo. It also has a HUGE back yard. It is also a 3 bedroom 1 bath all bedrooms are upstairs and the basement is for laundry and it has very low ceilings. Basically for storage. It seems like a very nice location. It has minimal work but lots of updating. I can't quite figure out why I like The Springville one more. We are going to look at it again tonight maybe I'll figure it out!