Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ace, 4 months old

Ace and Jeffers on Ace's blessing day, Nov. 25th 2011

Ace's first time eating cereal, Dec 18th 2011

Meeting great grandpa weight for the first time with Jeffers

eating cereal
My little Ace Ace,
This last month was busy with Thanksgiving and all. You were blessed the day after Thanksgiving by your grandpa Mark. It was beautiful, we did it at your Aunt Kate's house. You looked soooo handsome all dressed up in your tux that your grandma Susie got for you! It was ADORABLE! You got to meet all of your cousin's over Thanksgiving weekend. We stayed and Aunt Kate's house for a couple nights. It was really fun hanging out with everyone.
On the Saturday following your beautiful blessing day it was the graveside memorial for your cousins that passed on when they were born.. It was such a beautiful service. Your uncle Garrett's words were very comforting and very reassuring.
You are growing more and more everyday. Your dad got you giggling the other day and it melted our hearts! You also love to suck on your upper lip. It is the most funny thing! It makes a funny noise! You are trying to learn how to sit up. If we prop you up on the couch or the pillows on the bed you use your little stomach muscles and try to sit yourself up. You usually end up rolling onto your side or falling on your face (on the bed of course) it is funny. I think you like going to daycare, the girls there love you.
I wish I could be home with you and Emberlyn everyday.... It makes me sad to think someone else has you all day long.. I know I am still your momma and you know it but I just wish I could see that smiling face all day long. But the thing is I am very blessed to have such wonderful people watch over you while I am at work. They are good people who love and care about you just as much as me and that brings me comfort when I am sitting here thinking about you and Ember.
I love you soooo much little A.J.
random note: On the back of your head you have a double swirl and so the hair on the crown of your head sticks straight up, if you ever want to do your hair in a short, not mohawk style I am apologizing now, I really don't think it will be possible! I love it tho! It is the cutest thing in the whole world!
You went to your 4 month check up on December 14th, you are 14.12 lbs, 25.2 in long and your head is 42 cm. This past weekend you rolled over for you first time from your tummy to back!!! We are soooooo proud of you! On Sunday, December 18th was your first feeding of rice cereal and you loved it! You couldn't eat it too well but you liked it! I love you my little man!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Emberlyn, 3 yrs, 5 months old

My little Ember,
Well you aren't very little anymore, You are growing so big its crazy!
This last month in preschool you learned about The Mayflower, the Pilgrims, and the Indians. It was so cute, you brought home lots of cute crafts, a little paper TeePee, and a little indian rain maker, I think that is what it is at least. lol! The day before Thanksgiving you guys had a Thanksgiving feast there, I didn't get to come see it but you came home with a cute little paper pilgrim hat and you said that you ate pumpkin pie and corn and turkey. You come home everyday with lots of papers you have colored and drawn on at daycare/ preschool. You are a very good drawer! You have been able to draw a person for a long time. Recently you have been drawing ears on the sides of the heads, it is really cute. You are so artistic! You also like to make paper airplanes, you have your dad make them a lot and from the looks of it you have people at daycare make them for you too.
Ember you talk to me like an adult! You have funny/ cute facial expressions, it is adorable!
In preschool they want us to read to you every night, they send home a reading chart, I am so glad they do because you love being read to! You like to play games on my cell phone its cute. You like the princess puzzle game. You like me to help you with it.
Lately you have been sooooo full of energy! I love having you for my daughter, and I have no idea how I was so lucky to have you!
Love you baby girl!