Monday, November 14, 2011

Ace, Three Months Old

Ember, Ace, and Jeffers. 11/12/11
Ember and Ace 11/12/11
Ace, three months old. 11/11/11

My little man is getting so big! He is filling out so much and smiles all the time. He is talking a lot and becoming a pro at holding his head up. He is always so happy unless he is tired or hungry. It is so funny, Ace will be smiling and talking and at the drop of a hat he will be crying and crying wanting to eat. I have put him in his Bumbo and he will sit in it for a little while but gets sick of it fast. Maybe when his back muscles get stronger he will like it more. He isn't the biggest fan of tummy time but can be content with it. Daycare is so good to Ace, its like he has a couple of mommies. I'm so blessed that I have wonderful people that love Ace too.
Jeffers has mastered burping Ace. He has a a special way he does it and always gets a burp! For Halloween Ace was a skelton, he was a cutie! Ace is still nursing but will drink a formula bottle to supplement if needed. He loves his food. Ace has grown so much in the last month, he is such a good little kicker and he loves to throw his arms around. He is more interested in Ember now and loves to smile at us. I'm so blessed to have such perfect kids! love you Ace!