Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wedding Part 3

My wonderful grandma has found our wedding location!!!!
It is a beautiful house in Provo with beautiful lawns and the most AMAZING view!
I am sooo happy!
So, Dress, location are now taken care of! My two biggest worries have been taken care of.
NOW, a caterer- I found the COOLEST caterer at the wedding expo at Thanksgiving Point. CREPES! with fresh fruit and chocolate syrup YUMMY! Oh and a frozen drinks to help with the heat! I LOVE IT!!! Their website is www.utahcelebrations.com I want to call them tomorrow and set up a time to go in and talk to them with my Mom. This would be such an awesome caterer to have!
I feel as if things are coming together for the big day.. I'm so thankful for the people who are helping me so much! My grandma is AWESOME!
Anyway I am so excited, I just want June to be here so I can make my centerpieces and make and send out my invites! This is too fun but SOOOOOOO STRESSFUL!

Til next time!


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wedding Part 2

Took long enough to find it and it fits perfect! I am so happy I don't have to worry about it now! Now I need to find a place to get married... The next stressful thing! Agh! I'm thinking ceremony one place reception in another... but that might be too much work changing locations, setting up chairs, taking down chairs, etc! Soooo possibilties, Neilsens Grove, georgious, can do whatever we want, but its a park with houses surrounding it, not too cute for pictures, and unvited people could come to the park.. yuck. or we do COnrad Homestead- love it but that limits the things I would want to make becausse they provide THEIRS. so ya. I dunno. I GOTTA figure this out asap. But the only people that understand that is my maid of honor, Brandi and my grandma. I'm getting frustrated because my intermediate family thinks we can plan it later on but by the time they wanna plan it we will NOT have a PLACE to have it. Summer weddings are popular so I need to act fast! Anyway, luckly almost all of my bridesmaids said they will but their dresses, bless their hearts! Jeffers best man will rent his tux bless his heart as well! I'm sooo hoping I can have dancing at my wedding, I want it to be a fun filled night! Not boring for me and Jeffers, I want it to be a night to remember! FOREVER!!!

I hope I can pull this off on a VERY tight budget!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wedding Part 1

Okay I have successfully decided to start planning this wedding! When we were in St. George Jeffers mom asked if we had set a date and we decided on July 25th, 2009. I like the sound of that, it has no special meaning but I like it!

Anyway, so I'm trying to find a place.
Shoot me now.
Every place I want is WAY too expensive! So then I start thinking oh I will make it small and not a huge deal, but everytime I picture my wedding it is elegant, in the woods, in a strapless ivory dress, almost antique style, pale pink, off white, and ivory, wavy hair maybe half up and half down, longer than it is now and blonde, blonde, blonde.
Now I gotta make this happen on a budget AND plan every detail I never pictured in my wedding fantasy.
I plan on getting married only ONCE. Divorce is great for some people but its not happening for me. I've always wanted to marry the person i KNOW FOR A FACT I will be with forever. No wonder we take things slow, especially for Utah.
I know Jeffers is the one for me. For some weird reason I've kinda known since the day I met him. Not like the day we met I knew he was the one, but he was different- more different than anyone I had ever met or dated. Treated me different, in a VERY good way. HE is my opposite in the best way possible. Yeah we have def had our times but I think he is the one I am suppose to be with. FOREVER.
Okay back to the wedding.

I NEED to find a place ASAP!!! My grandma, sister, Lexie, Emberlyn, and I all went looking at some of ehr friends backyards today. I think they are too small. Maybe, maybe not. But I gotta figure this out soon! I don't want in the valley, our wedding WILL be outdoors and its gotta be close to a mountain.

My best friend whom I am going to ask to be my Maid of Honor, or what is it? Matron of Honor if they are married.
Brandi, she will be that if she accepts. This girl is awesome. I texted her and told her I wanted to go look at dresses while she was at work. The woman called me after work and said, are we still going. i was like heck yes.
So I thought we were going to just go LOOK at some dresses.
I called her to find a meeting place and the woman had called Davids bridal and MADE us an appointment!!!
I was speechless!
This awesome girl went out of her way to make me an appointment- just for me- to look at MY selection of wedding dresses!

It almost puts me in tears because of how awesome this girl is!

SO, the girl at Davids Bridal SUCKED! She had like 1 to 2 appointments ALONG with ours. Brandi was helping me in and out of the dresses. We had tried on like 4 before she even came and talked to us. I'm disappointed with their service. They should have been paying Brandi for that 2 hrs we were in there. She DID EVERYTHING!
I have a feeling its gonna be a while before I find THE DRESS. They were pretty but wasn't digginf any of them a lot. I REALLY like the color Ivory I want my dress in that color FOR SURE!
Well Brandi and I and hopefully my little sister, Lexie, will be able to go dress shopping in SLC on a SAturday.

As for a location. HELP!

I gotta find it asap or July 25th isn't gonna happen!