Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wedding Part 3

My wonderful grandma has found our wedding location!!!!
It is a beautiful house in Provo with beautiful lawns and the most AMAZING view!
I am sooo happy!
So, Dress, location are now taken care of! My two biggest worries have been taken care of.
NOW, a caterer- I found the COOLEST caterer at the wedding expo at Thanksgiving Point. CREPES! with fresh fruit and chocolate syrup YUMMY! Oh and a frozen drinks to help with the heat! I LOVE IT!!! Their website is www.utahcelebrations.com I want to call them tomorrow and set up a time to go in and talk to them with my Mom. This would be such an awesome caterer to have!
I feel as if things are coming together for the big day.. I'm so thankful for the people who are helping me so much! My grandma is AWESOME!
Anyway I am so excited, I just want June to be here so I can make my centerpieces and make and send out my invites! This is too fun but SOOOOOOO STRESSFUL!

Til next time!


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