Monday, September 22, 2008

Emberlyn is 12 weeks old today!!!

Emberlyn is 12 weeks old today!!! She is getting so big already! I cannot believe that a whole 3 months has already passed!!! Lets see, Emberlyn is good at smiling, and cooing, and she will laugh in her sleep! Its the cutest thing ever! Anyway, I wanted to post some pictures we took tonight! Hope you enjoy!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Today we went to Sundance for our family outing! Emberlyn loves being outdoors and stroller rides! She LOVED it! I'm so blessed to have such an amazing baby! She stared at the raccoon in a can it was cute! Jeffers took this pic and I LOVE it!
Emberlyn and I by the little gazing pond! It is so beautiful up there! Jeffers took this pic too!
Jeffers made this out of the little wooden blocks! Cuteness! He took this pic as well, he is a good photographer!
Yay, I took this one, Jeffers and Emberlyn by the river! Cute!
Jeffers and Emberlyn on the bridge!
It was sooo beautiful up there, the weather was perfect! It is so nice to have such a beautiful place to go just minutes from our home! I love it!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008


Hello everyone! I haven't blogged in over a month so I thought i would put up some new pics of Emberlyn!

She will be 10 weeks old on Monday! She is getting so big! She loves to smile! and She loves attention! i can never get a picture of her smiling because she gets so fansanated by the camera phone! These pics are of me and her last week and her in her Bumbo that Auntie Eve and Uncle Chris got her!! She LOVES sitting up!!! Her neck needs to be just a little bit stronger to hold her head up better before I can leave her in it for longer periods of time, more than just a few minutes! She LOVES sitting up!!! She also loves looking around at everything. This morning I was holding her and she was staring at her foot as she moved it. She was trying to figure it out, It was so adorable!! She will also stares at her abc's blanket, it is a colorful blanket with the abc's on it and pictures! She will get really quiet and just try to figure out that blanket!!! She smiles ALL the time, other than when she is grouchy! She loves bath time too!

She just had her 2 month appt. and had to get her shots... :( I was SOOOOOO nervous all day long! She did such a good job but was grouchy for a couple days after. No fever, nothing though! I'm so proud of her! She weighs 10 lbs 4 oz now and it 22 in long!! She is growing good!

Jeffers just got back from Bulgaria late Tuesday night/ early Wednesday morning! Emberlyn and I picked him up at 2 in the morning off of the base. Emberlyn slept but Tuesday was the day she received her shots so she kept waking up and was cranky Tuesday and Wednesday! Jeffers was gone for 3 weeks. He had a lot of fun and took tons of pictures! I will have to put some up! It is really nice to have Jeffers back! We missed him tons!!! HE went to Bulgaria with the Guard for their Annual training, he did training like riot control, some fun through in the humvees and lots of things like that! On the weekends they got to go out. His first weekend there he went golfing, which sucked her said and he also went to the beach! That was fun! He bought me some knock of Louis Vuitton wallet andcoin purse tha look completly real!! :) He bought me some killer earrings too! I love them! He bought Emberlyn a realy really cute outfit!!

The next weekend they went to some awesome ancient ruins kind of like Rome andwhat not. i will def. havr to put some pics up! And they also went to an old church!

It sounds and looks like he had a great time but we are glad to have him back home!! :)