Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ace, 4 months old

Ace and Jeffers on Ace's blessing day, Nov. 25th 2011

Ace's first time eating cereal, Dec 18th 2011

Meeting great grandpa weight for the first time with Jeffers

eating cereal
My little Ace Ace,
This last month was busy with Thanksgiving and all. You were blessed the day after Thanksgiving by your grandpa Mark. It was beautiful, we did it at your Aunt Kate's house. You looked soooo handsome all dressed up in your tux that your grandma Susie got for you! It was ADORABLE! You got to meet all of your cousin's over Thanksgiving weekend. We stayed and Aunt Kate's house for a couple nights. It was really fun hanging out with everyone.
On the Saturday following your beautiful blessing day it was the graveside memorial for your cousins that passed on when they were born.. It was such a beautiful service. Your uncle Garrett's words were very comforting and very reassuring.
You are growing more and more everyday. Your dad got you giggling the other day and it melted our hearts! You also love to suck on your upper lip. It is the most funny thing! It makes a funny noise! You are trying to learn how to sit up. If we prop you up on the couch or the pillows on the bed you use your little stomach muscles and try to sit yourself up. You usually end up rolling onto your side or falling on your face (on the bed of course) it is funny. I think you like going to daycare, the girls there love you.
I wish I could be home with you and Emberlyn everyday.... It makes me sad to think someone else has you all day long.. I know I am still your momma and you know it but I just wish I could see that smiling face all day long. But the thing is I am very blessed to have such wonderful people watch over you while I am at work. They are good people who love and care about you just as much as me and that brings me comfort when I am sitting here thinking about you and Ember.
I love you soooo much little A.J.
random note: On the back of your head you have a double swirl and so the hair on the crown of your head sticks straight up, if you ever want to do your hair in a short, not mohawk style I am apologizing now, I really don't think it will be possible! I love it tho! It is the cutest thing in the whole world!
You went to your 4 month check up on December 14th, you are 14.12 lbs, 25.2 in long and your head is 42 cm. This past weekend you rolled over for you first time from your tummy to back!!! We are soooooo proud of you! On Sunday, December 18th was your first feeding of rice cereal and you loved it! You couldn't eat it too well but you liked it! I love you my little man!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Emberlyn, 3 yrs, 5 months old

My little Ember,
Well you aren't very little anymore, You are growing so big its crazy!
This last month in preschool you learned about The Mayflower, the Pilgrims, and the Indians. It was so cute, you brought home lots of cute crafts, a little paper TeePee, and a little indian rain maker, I think that is what it is at least. lol! The day before Thanksgiving you guys had a Thanksgiving feast there, I didn't get to come see it but you came home with a cute little paper pilgrim hat and you said that you ate pumpkin pie and corn and turkey. You come home everyday with lots of papers you have colored and drawn on at daycare/ preschool. You are a very good drawer! You have been able to draw a person for a long time. Recently you have been drawing ears on the sides of the heads, it is really cute. You are so artistic! You also like to make paper airplanes, you have your dad make them a lot and from the looks of it you have people at daycare make them for you too.
Ember you talk to me like an adult! You have funny/ cute facial expressions, it is adorable!
In preschool they want us to read to you every night, they send home a reading chart, I am so glad they do because you love being read to! You like to play games on my cell phone its cute. You like the princess puzzle game. You like me to help you with it.
Lately you have been sooooo full of energy! I love having you for my daughter, and I have no idea how I was so lucky to have you!
Love you baby girl!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Ace, Three Months Old

Ember, Ace, and Jeffers. 11/12/11
Ember and Ace 11/12/11
Ace, three months old. 11/11/11

My little man is getting so big! He is filling out so much and smiles all the time. He is talking a lot and becoming a pro at holding his head up. He is always so happy unless he is tired or hungry. It is so funny, Ace will be smiling and talking and at the drop of a hat he will be crying and crying wanting to eat. I have put him in his Bumbo and he will sit in it for a little while but gets sick of it fast. Maybe when his back muscles get stronger he will like it more. He isn't the biggest fan of tummy time but can be content with it. Daycare is so good to Ace, its like he has a couple of mommies. I'm so blessed that I have wonderful people that love Ace too.
Jeffers has mastered burping Ace. He has a a special way he does it and always gets a burp! For Halloween Ace was a skelton, he was a cutie! Ace is still nursing but will drink a formula bottle to supplement if needed. He loves his food. Ace has grown so much in the last month, he is such a good little kicker and he loves to throw his arms around. He is more interested in Ember now and loves to smile at us. I'm so blessed to have such perfect kids! love you Ace!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Pic Overload, October 2011

My Ace Man.
Lexie and half of my mom on out hike to Stewart Falls.

Ember and I at Stewart Falls, my girl did the whole 4 mile hike! I am proud!

Ace and John's first time meeting, and they were matching, blue thermal shirts and red hair!

Ember and the kangaroo at the Petting Zoo at the Pumpkin Patch in Springville.

Ember and Dalt on our hike to Stewart Falls playing in the leaves along the way.

Bike riding summer 2011

Ember and Dad, summer 2011

Ember fishing, summer 2011

My cool chick chillin out, summer 2011

First Day of Preschool!!!



You are getting soooo big! You are three years, five months old now. You go to preschool and will be starting your AirTime gymnastics again this month. You have so much energy! You are very smart. You can recite the alphabet and you are learning more and more songs everyday at preschool. You can act so mature for your age. It is so cute. Every week you learn a shape, number, and letter. Sometimes I think that it may bore you. You know your shapes very well. You even know a STOP sign is an octogon! You have lots of friends at daycare! You are a good big sister, even when you don't want to help. Its okay, I don't blame ya, I was the same way with my sibilings. But you are so soft and gentle with Ace. You like to hug him and everytime your hair gets in his face. It is funny! You are a fairy princess for Halloween this year. Life has been busy and you are good to keep up! You love to help do dishes and cook. You love being read to. You can read the same book over and over and over again. This summer you rode your bike a lot and played with your dad while I watched. You are so good at riding your bike! You can turn and pedal and stop, basically the only thing you can't do on it is stop going down a hill. You also LOVE the park, you can do basically everything at the park. You are really good at the climbing walls! You learn more and more everyday I love it! You def. keep us on our toes. Lately you have made up your own word for thank you and when you get excited, it is "shawshaw" we have no idea where you learned it but it is cute and funny! You are such a big girl and I love watching you grow.

Before I forget at preschool you go on a field trip every month, your first field trip was to the library, you love the library too! Your second field trip was to Hee Haw, they said you went through the corn maze and went down a cool slide and you even brought home a cute little pumpkin. I love you baby girl!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I am so blessed. Look at these cute kids!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ace, 2 Months Old

I have SO much to update on but I have made a goal for myself to record the kids' lives at least one month at a time. So today I am starting with my little Ace.

You are 2 months old today and time sure has flew by! You are such a cute baby! You are so good too, other than when you get too tired and can't fall asleep easy. That is okay though, it means I get to cuddle you more! You started smiling at about 6 weeks, about right when I went back to work. It was so perfect, I had such a hard time leaving you and your smile always makes me feel better!

You go to daycare with your sister everyday and you stay in the infant room, it is so cute and you have your own crib with pictures of your family in there. The girls take such good care of you! I am so happy you are safe and sound there while we are at work!

Today Miss. Tiffany told me that when you are laying in your crib, if you look at the picture of me and dad and Ember you cry when you see me. But when you look at the other two pictures of daddy and emberlyn you are just fine. I think we have a Momma's boy on our hands! Don't worry, I won't tell dad ;)

You have the cutest little chin and you still have lots of red hair. I am trying my hardest to not let you get a bald spot on the back of your head!
I cannot get over your adorable smile, it lights up the room! You almost look like you are going to laugh when you smile your biggest smile! You are starting to coo a TINY bit! Right now you are waking up about once a night to eat and you usually are awake while I get ready for work.

I pump everyday so you have food while you are at daycare. I am taking that week by week and we will see how long it lasts, we are doing good so far!

You love to cuddle! I love it!

I think your sister wishes you were bigger so she could play with you more, but in no time you will be running around with her!

I love you sooooooo much little man and I love watching you grow! Everyday I can't wait to come home from work and see you and emberlyn!

Love, Mom

Friday, May 27, 2011

My Baby Boy

So I just found my baby boy's ultrasound pics in my e mail so I thought I would share! My son may one day hate me for it! ;)

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Ember is PLEASED to announce that she will be a


August 2011 a new baby Nilsson will join our family!

and the best part is that,

Its a BOY!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Top Five Things Every Woman Should Know

There are lots of things every woman should know how to do. But I am going to make a list of my top 5.

1. Know How To Change A Flat Tire. If you don't know how, LEARN.

2. Make Sure You Have Your Jack IN Your Trunk To Change The FLAT Tire. Without this your just SOL.

3. Know How To Pay A Bill. Try to have 1 bill in your name so you know how to do this. There will be a time this knowledge will pay off.

4. Have common sense. SERIOUSLY.

5. Teach Your Kids Common Sense And Teach Them The Things You Need To Know In Life. That way when the time comes they are prepared and do not have to call you to figure out what the difference between a deposit and process fee is.


Know how to change the oil in your car. This comes with an exception though, if you have one of those newer expensive cars and makes it impossible and the professionals have to it I understand.

Know how to at least kind of know how to drive a stick shift car. I REALLY REALLY REALLY suck at driving a stick shift but can manage if the ocassion calls for it. I am SOOOO thankful my dad attempted to teach me at 14 or 15 years old in his old Datson truck!

So end of story, if you don't know how to. LEARN.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Ember is a hair dresser.
She did my hair and then Jeffers hair.
She got the chair, coffee table, and "cape" all by herself.
Oh and her fingers are her scissors and then she would brush our hair then she would get
paintbrushes and "paint" our hair. She is too cute!
I love her!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So I know I love when people update their blogs with pictures so that is what I've done!
Picture above is of Embers at WalMart driving the Barbie Jeep in the store
Picture below is of her in the horse in the entrance of WalMart she loved it, it was funny!
Picture below is on Christmas morning, Ember is in one of her princess dress ups, Jeffers in the background playing his new X Box.

Picture below is of Ember's haul from Santa, I'd say she did pretty good!

We had a good Christmas and New Year! Ember is getting so big it blows me away! She can talk so well and loves to play with her friends, cousins, and her "unk" (my little bro, Dalton) of course. She is such a loving little girl too. She will give me lots of kisses and hugs. Sh eloves to play "monsters" with her daddy. Lately she has been telling me she wants to go sailing. Not sure where she heard that but it makes me want to buy a sailing boat. She is such a smart girl! I love her sooo much!
Here is a funny story, when we went grocery shopping we bought some oranges. I keep them on the counter. Well they were on the counter for about 1 day and then they disappeared. I thought Jeffers had stuck them in the fridge like in the crisper. Then on Saturday Jeffers asked me where they were. I told him I had no idea and i thought he had put them in the fridge. So he asked Ember, she said they were under my bed... ??? I asked her to show me. She took me to the front of my bed and and lifted the bed skirt up and there they were. 4 oranges just chillin.
still not sure why she put them there, but I couldn't be mad because it was just tooo funny!