Monday, October 31, 2011

Bike riding summer 2011

Ember and Dad, summer 2011

Ember fishing, summer 2011

My cool chick chillin out, summer 2011

First Day of Preschool!!!



You are getting soooo big! You are three years, five months old now. You go to preschool and will be starting your AirTime gymnastics again this month. You have so much energy! You are very smart. You can recite the alphabet and you are learning more and more songs everyday at preschool. You can act so mature for your age. It is so cute. Every week you learn a shape, number, and letter. Sometimes I think that it may bore you. You know your shapes very well. You even know a STOP sign is an octogon! You have lots of friends at daycare! You are a good big sister, even when you don't want to help. Its okay, I don't blame ya, I was the same way with my sibilings. But you are so soft and gentle with Ace. You like to hug him and everytime your hair gets in his face. It is funny! You are a fairy princess for Halloween this year. Life has been busy and you are good to keep up! You love to help do dishes and cook. You love being read to. You can read the same book over and over and over again. This summer you rode your bike a lot and played with your dad while I watched. You are so good at riding your bike! You can turn and pedal and stop, basically the only thing you can't do on it is stop going down a hill. You also LOVE the park, you can do basically everything at the park. You are really good at the climbing walls! You learn more and more everyday I love it! You def. keep us on our toes. Lately you have made up your own word for thank you and when you get excited, it is "shawshaw" we have no idea where you learned it but it is cute and funny! You are such a big girl and I love watching you grow.

Before I forget at preschool you go on a field trip every month, your first field trip was to the library, you love the library too! Your second field trip was to Hee Haw, they said you went through the corn maze and went down a cool slide and you even brought home a cute little pumpkin. I love you baby girl!

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