Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ace, 2 Months Old

I have SO much to update on but I have made a goal for myself to record the kids' lives at least one month at a time. So today I am starting with my little Ace.

You are 2 months old today and time sure has flew by! You are such a cute baby! You are so good too, other than when you get too tired and can't fall asleep easy. That is okay though, it means I get to cuddle you more! You started smiling at about 6 weeks, about right when I went back to work. It was so perfect, I had such a hard time leaving you and your smile always makes me feel better!

You go to daycare with your sister everyday and you stay in the infant room, it is so cute and you have your own crib with pictures of your family in there. The girls take such good care of you! I am so happy you are safe and sound there while we are at work!

Today Miss. Tiffany told me that when you are laying in your crib, if you look at the picture of me and dad and Ember you cry when you see me. But when you look at the other two pictures of daddy and emberlyn you are just fine. I think we have a Momma's boy on our hands! Don't worry, I won't tell dad ;)

You have the cutest little chin and you still have lots of red hair. I am trying my hardest to not let you get a bald spot on the back of your head!
I cannot get over your adorable smile, it lights up the room! You almost look like you are going to laugh when you smile your biggest smile! You are starting to coo a TINY bit! Right now you are waking up about once a night to eat and you usually are awake while I get ready for work.

I pump everyday so you have food while you are at daycare. I am taking that week by week and we will see how long it lasts, we are doing good so far!

You love to cuddle! I love it!

I think your sister wishes you were bigger so she could play with you more, but in no time you will be running around with her!

I love you sooooooo much little man and I love watching you grow! Everyday I can't wait to come home from work and see you and emberlyn!

Love, Mom

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Lexie said...

:') Ace is soooooo darling!