Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wedding Planning Part 3 and TONS of other stuff..

Okay, we've got dress, place, catering, and thats about it.

AGH! We have gone looking for bridesmaid dress shopping and they don't make regular dresses in the color- pale pink- I want. Its like you have to go to a bridal store to get the dresses in the right color and that EXPENSIVE! We went searching and no luck. My maid of honor is gonna be 5 months prego at my wedding so we have to find her an extra forgiving dress. Sooooo that's where we are stuck now. I'm getting so stressed out about it..This is hard! It just sucks not having the funds avaliable when you need them. But the search is still on for bridemaids dresses. If we can find them in white we will dye them the color we want them!
The second sad thing, Quinn is in jail and I'm way sad about it. For one he doesn't deserve to be there AT ALL! For two if he is in there as long as he is suppose to be he won't be out for the wedding :( I feel as if he is my own little brother and I feel like a HUGE part will be missing at the wedding if he isn't there. I love Quinn and want him there when this VERY important piece of my life happens. I hope he is doing okay!
I'm having a stressful day if you can't tell lol!

Other things going on,
Jeffers got home from his backpacking trip last night and I'm soo glad he had fun :) Emberlyn and I missed him a lot! Sad thing, its Saturday and he had to go to work early at like 230 so that totally sucks! BUt thats okay

Emberlyn had her 9 month check up and here are her stats:

Okay, well I can't find the papers but I do remember some!

Weight: 19 lbs 2 oz!

Height: I THINK 28 in
I remember the is in the 70th percentile for her height and I think that is awesome!
She is soooo close to walking and she will say hi dad and she always walks along the furniture babbling and she is so fun to play with all the time!
Oh! and she got 2 pets! Well, 2 guppies- fishies! she loves to point at them and babble!
She loves to go feed the ducks with me at the park by our house!

Some of our friends, Whitney and Chris had their baby on Thursday! A little baby girl, Kandence. She sure is a cutie!

Jared is still in the hospital. They say he is moving his lips and eye lids and what not but he needs to wake up to see if his brain has healed and to determine how bad the damage is. We are praying for him! He can do it! He is a stong man!

Well that is all the blogging I am going to do for now! Thanks for listening!
Love you all! :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pray For Jared

Last night one of mine and Jeffers' friends, Jared, was being pulled on a skateboard by a 4 wheeler. He fell and hit his head, he was flown to U of U Hospital and is on full life support. They had to do surgery last night to drain the blood and I have heard they had to take 2 pieces of his brain out. His Mom has said that if he wakes up he may not be in the condition to want to live.

Jared isn't going to be the same if he makes it. He has the cutest 2 boys and they need their daddy. I feel its not Jared's time to go. He is so full of life and he has so much to live for. Jared is so fun! This is def. up to the Lord and I know he will do the righgt thing.

Please keep him in your prayers. He is in ours.