Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Its been too long.

Its been WAY too long since I have posted anything. My lovely friend and co worker, Julie, has been motivating me to write again. She will be posting everyday in October with AWESOME Halloween things! I CAN't FREAKING WAIT to read them! Y'all should check out her awesome blog! Its or click on her name (Julie Roper)on my blog.

We have been WAY busy lately, I am going CRAZY with crafty things and decorating the house. My mind has been going a million miles an hour!! I've been doing things from painting the front door to making Ember's old jeans into shorts. Making new headbands, trying to figure out ways to decorate the house.

Something I just created the other night was an outfit for Emberlyn. She has these pair of jeans that are a little too short. Floods. They are still very nice pants and The Husband likes to dress her in them but they just look kinda like we do not buy our daughter new clothes. LOL. So I decided to make the pants into shorts!! GREAT IDEA, huh?! lol. So here are the pics of my awesome outfit I made!
She will not pose for my so this is the best shot of her in the outfit.

Here is the shirt, it is an Old Navy tank top with a flower I made sewed on it.

The shorts are the old jeans. I cut them, folded the bottoms up, and sewed them. I added green buttons to each side. I got these buttons from the awesome Julie, she gave me a HUGE container full of buttons. AWESOME!

I am going to try to be posting more and more, I have a lot more projects I have done and that are in the works!!