Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Emberlyn's 6 Month Check Up!

Today was Emberlyn's 6 month check up and it went really good!
She is growing really well!
Here are her measurments for 6 months and 20days:

Head Circumference: 17.1
%tile: 68.24

Weight: 16 lbs. 15 oz.
%tile: 52.95

Length: 26.5 in
%tile: 63.58

She is growing perfect! She is scooting and getting up on her knees are swaying back and forth! Iasked the Dr. how long he thought til she starts crawling and he thinks 4 to 6 weeks!!! That seems sooo close! I can't believe how big she has gotten!!! It seems like she was a tiny, small new born yesterday!

Well she had to get her set of shot.... :( I HATE HATE HATE that part I get sooo nervous!!! She did awesome as always! Only cried for about one minute I'd say! Luckly I had Jeffers there to help me out! He is such an awesome grand wonderful daddy!

I love my beautiful family more than anything! Jeffers and Emberlyn are the BEST blessings in my life!

Well the movie has started (Redbox of course!) I'm out!

Love, Britny

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