Sunday, November 22, 2009

Halloween 2009

Nilsson Halloween 2009
My favorite picture from this Halloween: This is Emberlyn and her uncle Dalton.
He was a 4 wheeler rider!
Ember was a monkey!
Emberlyn LOVED trick or treating! She was so good at it!
I made her Halloween costume and it cost me a grand total of about $2.00
We had the brown outfit and I found brown scrap material at the fabric store for .66 cents. I had to buy some new sewing needles and that is all I had to buy! It was awesome!
Everything has been going okay lately. I am working and Jeffers is starting school in Janurary.
We are going to my brother and sister- in- law's house for Thanksgiving! I can't wait! All of my sister- in- laws and mother in law cook like PROS!!! It is always a treat to eat waht they make.
I will update on the amazing food.
I'm out.

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