Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Snow and The Utah Highway Patrol.

Jeffers was on his way to drill and 7:30 in the morning.
I begged him to take my car so I could take his (since his has the car seat and is the "safe" car to have Ember in.) He agreed to take mine and I did tell him he would need to put gas in it. I had been running on the gas light for a few days...
10 minutes later.
Jeffers calls me. He is on the side of the freeway out of gas. I wake Ember up, get our coats on, grab the empty milk carton, and go to the gas station. We fill it with 1 gallon of gas and he is on his way to Spanish Fork.
First big snow storm of the year.
I get up and ready to go a half of an hour early so I wouldn't be late for work.
I go out to my car, clean all of the snoww off and get ready to go. I notice the gas light was on but for some CRAZY reason I thought, 'oh hey, we put some gas in yesterday'
I get on the freeway and my car starts to die...
I am out of gas..
this car has ran out of gas TWO days in a row!!!
And the funny part is, it is almost in the SAME spot Jeffers died in the day before.
I call Jeffers and he gets up, gets Ember up, puts their coats on, gets in the car and comes and picks me up.
We leave my car behind on.
I am a half of an hour late for work.
Jeffers and Ember come and pick my up at 1 pm from work. We go home and I change into some jeans while Jeffers goes and gets gas in the gas can. We go back to my car. Jeffers gets out and starts filling it with gas.
THEN, a Utah Highway Patrol truck pulls up behind our cars. (My only two experiences with a highway patrol man were not the greatest.
1. Getting pulled over going oh like 96 mph on the freeway in no where land.
2. Coming home from SLC and a highway patrol man driving in front of us turned on his lights and starting swearving through all lanes of traffic to slow the traffic down, there was a car on the side of the road in front of us... weird.)
the Utah Highway Patrol man just sits in his car.
Jeffers finishes up filling the tank, he starts it for me and make sure it isn't stuck. I go and get in and Jeffers and I wait for a break in the traffic. We start to pull out and the highway patrol man pulls out with us with the lights still on. For a minute I thought he wanted me to pull back over...
But as soon as I was up to speed with the rest of the traffic he turned them off and went on with his business.
It was so nice of him.
I want to thank the nice Utah Highway Patrol man that made sure we stayed safe and out of harms way.
Thank you.

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