Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My cousin, Amanda, sent me this blog.
I don't know the whole story but her husband and herself got in a plane accident a little over a year ago. I remember seeing it on the news.

She has had this blog that is very well known, before her plane crash.

I have been reading it and I am SO AMAZED and MOSTLY MOVED by this beautiful woman and her family.

should read this blog.
We are all soo blessed to have our beautiful families and our loving spouses. The love for one another and making everyday a wonderful blessing.
Every new day is truely a blessing from God. I love my family more than anything.
My beautiful daughter, Emberlyn , is the GREASTEST most wonderful beautiful gift from God. Seeing her smile everyday, playing with her everyday, I can say I am constantly amazed by her.
This blog is to just blog about how
for my life. I thought things have been hard
with Jeffers not having a job, not knowing how we will pay our bills, pay rent, buy food.
But I have been blessed, I have a good life. I got my wonderful job back just when we needed it most. That is one blessing that has def. been sticking out to me.
My family is safe and healthy.
I know we will make it. I know we will find a way.
After reading through some of Stephanie's posts on her blog I know if her wonderful family can do it, I know mine can make it through our
obsticles we have right now.
Well I better get back to work!
I wanna say I love all of my family and friends SSSOOOOOOOOOOOO much! I want to thank you for all of your love and support!

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