Friday, July 18, 2008

Emberlyn's forst Dr. Appt!

It was Emberlyn's first dr. appt today! She is 20 inches long and weighs 8lbs 5 oz. She was 7 lbs. 7 ozs. when she was born and was 7 lbs. even when we eft the hospital so she has gained a whole 1 lb and5 oz! I am so proud!!!

They pricked her little foot to take a blood sample. She was so mad!! She was crying and kicking so hard! The nurse couldn't believe how strong her little kicks were!!!

Thats my girl! You make her mad and she'll let you know!!!! :) Just like her mommy and Daddy! Overall her appt. went really well! She is growing and looks so good!

I really like the Dr. she is going to. His name is Dr. Adams ad he is the dr that saw Emberlyn in the hospital. He works at Utah Valley Pedrictics in Provo and their office is so nice and all the nurses are way nice too! their reminder cards are actual stickers you can stick on you calendar! I have never seen that before and I think it is so clever. Jeffers told me a lot of places do it though lol!

The past almost 3 weeks have gone pretty good! My pain is basically all gone and breastfeedingis going WAY good. Still VERY sore but it is getting better! Jeffers sister let me borrow her pump and it actually worked for me! I am so happy. We are trying it out tonight to see if Emberlyn will take to a bottle okay. I hope she does! She hasen't hd any confusion on her pacifier and my breast so I hope it goes smoothy indroducing her to a bottle!

Everything is going good so I thought I would just put up an update!!

Love you all!!!


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Smoot Family said...

She looks like a doll!!! Sometimes the first dr's appt is harder for the mom than it is for the baby. At least for me. That's great that she's eating well and putting on that weight. I just love chunky babies!!!