Saturday, June 21, 2008


Yay! Well finally I have done it! I have made a blog! I have been wanting to for a LONG time but just have never actually done it! Now I can keep you all informed on the baby!! and well our life in general! Well we bought a digital camera this last week and it is AWESOME!!! I love it! Jeffers has such good taste! Sometimes I really do think he has better taste than me!!! :)

Only 11 more days til my due date! Which is July 2nd for those who don't know! But when I went to the Dr. last MOnday he told me and this coming appt. if I am starting to dialate then he would just induce me on June 30th!! IF I wasn't and she haden't come by her due date he will induce me on the 3rd!!! Maybe a 4th of July baby! That would be cool! Well Monday will tell us all what day its going to be! Anyway, I'm going to start playing on here and see what kind of cool things I can do to my blog!!

Have a GRAND day!!

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Kate said...

It looks cute. Next time we are together i can show you some things i have learned on the blog. We are so excited for the baby, and the blog will be the best way to keep everyone updated. There is a way to send emails to people you choose, everytime you put new stuff on the blog, then they can keep up.