Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Emberlyn 3 years 7 months

Em and Ace at the aquarium, I would update more pics but my phone won't work. dumb.

Emberlyn had a great January! We went to St George for the new year and spent time with Jeffers' parents. Man, I love those people! Emberlyn had a grand time with grandma and grandpa. She was able to see her Uncle Quinn and Uncle Jay while we were down as well. -Side note- Santa Clara is beautiful! I love that place, I love going hiking in January in just a short sleeve shirt! Perfection. I love that Mark and Susie live in such a beautiful place! SHOUT OUT TO MARK AND SUSIE! Love you guys!!! Ember was such a good hiker when we went out on a hike! I love doing outdoor things with her!
Ember is so smart, she asks me different things and explains things to me so well! She is still loving daycare and preschool. In preschool one week they learned about toads and frogs. They learned about the ocean and even had a beach party! Once a week Emberlyn asks me when her birthday is. I think she is just a LITTLE bit excited ;) She asked me one day what "homey (homie) meant. I told her it meant to make your house homey and cozy and nice. lol. I also explained some people call their friends homies. She kept asking me why someone would call their friend a house. It was pretty funny! We have some our best talks on our way to daycare or coming home from daycare.
Ember loved the aquarium too but she tired of it quickly, it was her 3rd or 4th time there. She did know the difference from the toads and frogs lol! She did get the courage to try and touch a sting ray but she couldn't reach, the water was too deep :( Next time!
Ember almost wrote out her name on a card for Carissa's baby shower! I think it was missing the second e in Ember. Man I am proud of that girl! She is still doing gymnastics with Airtime on their mobile bus!
Embers love you so so so much!!! love, momma

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Lexie said...

Your aunt Lexie loves you too!! You are such a funny awesome girl!