Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I am so late at my bi monthly updates!

Ember playing with her dollhouse, Christmas morning 2011

SANTA CAME!!! Christmas 2011

Ember with her princess barbies Uncle Russ gave her. Christmas 2011

Picture of Emberlyn Christmas 2010, thought I would just throw it in!

Not a good way to start off the new year by being late on updating my blog! Oh well. Life has been crazy busy! I'm just going to jump right in,
EMBERLYN, 3 years 6 months old.

Ember is growing and learning so much everyday! She loves preschool and daycare so much. She has lot of friends there too! Preschool is so much fun for her. She brings home new art projects almost everyday. They are really pushing the kids to learn to write their names. It is so cute to see her write out letters! She is good at it. Ember can count to 10. She can identify letters that begin her name, my name, Jeffers name, and Ace's name. She can actually spell out Ace's name but that is pretty easy.
Man this little girl is my rock! I can see her taking care of me when I am old.

So in December there was pretty much NO SNOW so we had a lack of playing outside. We were busy getting ready for Christmas! Ember and Ace had a great Christmas. Emberlyn got everything she wanted.
Baby girl you are getting so big! I say that every month but you grow so fast, I feel like I blink and you are telling me something new that you learned or you are doing something new. I love you sooo much!!!!

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