Friday, March 12, 2010

I miss Summer!

Emberlyn playing in the autumn leaves in 2009
Summer 2009. Dalton and Emberlyn running in the yard, my parents yard.
(I love the white bus in the background)
I love summer.
I love the heat.
I love swimming.
I love hiking.
I love camping.
I love wearing shorts and flip flops.
I love dressing Ember in shorts and cute sun dresses.
I love Emberlyn's jellies!!!!
Summer is getting closer
and I can't wait!


dixie Archaeology society said...

I love the photos, the tree are in bloom here in St George so summer is not far ya

dixie Archaeology society said...

Remember we will have a hike in upper Snow Canyon on Sat. The weather should be beautiful.. so I hope alot of Archaeology Club members can some. You have to be a member to come on the hikes.