Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Time!

Today Emberlyn got to meet Santa for her first time!!! At Babies-R-Us today they had Santa there and were taking pictures for free! They were putting the pictures in ornaments but ran out of ornaments right before they had printed Emberlyn's and her friends pictures. Oh well we can make our own ornaments!
The picture is small and they gave us about 3 little pictures so this is the best picture of a picture I could get (since I don't have a scanner). But I LOVE it! We will have to do this every year!
Everything here is good! Emberlyn is getting so big! She can sit up unassisted for a few seconds and she can roll all over the floor! She will start on one end of the blanket and end up on the other side! It is so cute! She also has been trying to put her knees under her as if she wants to crawl! She is learning and growing so fast!!! Time has just flown by!
I still haven't decorated for Christmas but probably wil this weekend! I'm doing good just counting down the days til my birthday, 28 days baby!
Jeffers is doing good! Working hard at Training Table and he has drill this weekend, we get to go to the Christmas Party for his unit tonight!
We hope everyone is good and well. We love and miss you all!!! Merry Christmas!!!

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